At TOW FRANCIS, we recognize that each client and project is unique. We believe in getting to know the people and the context we are designing for. With patience and sensitivity, we develop a concept and a language uniquely tailored to each particular job, working within the constraints of budget, site, time and other factors. Our objective is to create hand-crafted solutions appropriate to their time and place, at once satisfying our clients' needs and at the same time respecting the neighbourhood and larger context. We endeavor to be mindful or our role as custodians of our physical world and its resources. Our ongoing commitment is to produce creative solutions of enduring quality.

We honour craft, recognizing that our work on paper relies for its realization on the hands and gifts of the craftsmen making the building. Knowing that, we do our best to make the drawings necessary to guide the construction process, then work hand in hand with the contractors on site to make sure our intentions may be realized. We recognize that a good project is the result of teamwork and communication.

We are fascinated by materials, and recognize that our job is to understand all we can about them in order to choose them wisely and use them properly. Acting as foundation, fabric and shelter, materials are the words of our poetry.

We wonder at space, never ceasing to be amazed and awed by it. We believe that our role is to compose it much as a musician writes music or a choreographer makes dance.

We cherish the senses, knowing they are our greatest design teacher. We love light, illumining the forms and enlivening the spaces we create. We love touch, and the world of textures it reveals. We love sound, as the trickle of water or the rush or wind. We love fragrance and taste, giving a sense of place and identity to the domains we create and inhabit.

We look to history and all that has come before, knowing we contribute to a vast continuum of buildings and spaces built through time. We recognize that we are influenced by what has come before us and will influence what comes after.